The acoustics team have extensive experience of providing Environmental Impact Assessments and plant noise analysis in many regions across the world.

We are particularly familiar with environmental regulation throughout the GCC region and also US, European, Australian/NZ and the World Bank (IFC) regulations.

Design Confidence not only measures and creates models of potential noise issues; practical and cost-effective solutions are proposed if any limits are likely to be exceeded. 




Specialist support is provided to mechanical, electrical and plumbing design teams to ensure the acoustic integrity of a development is maintained via services routes throughout the building.

Pre-completion and commission testing of installed components ensures design standards are maintained, and can prevent the need for long snagging lists and multiple corrective visits by installation contractors.




One of the biggest issues facing residential property developers in the Middle East today is ensuring that a first class design process is transferred through to the construction stage, and ensuring the integrity of the design is maintained.

Design confidence has helped many developers achieve the standards expected by globally aware end-users and clients, from concept stage through to detailed and final design support of critical residential building components such as separating walls and floors, construction stage inspections and preliminary and final commission testing of acoustically critical elements.





Projects requiring highly specialised acoustic design considerations include cinemas, theatres, concert halls, music recording, media and broadcasting facilities.

Sound and noise egress to and from noise-sensitive areas plays a significant part in the perception of quality to the end user and client.

Almost all structural, architectural, mechanical services and interior design elements play a key role in the acoustic performance of such spaces.  It is imperative for the successful operation of these spaces to be coordinated with a well-developed acoustic design philosophy.




Public access buildings requiring specialist acoustic design support include sports venues, government buildings and function spaces designed for speech-based events.

The Design Confidence team has experience with all of the above building types throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia.




Medical and healthcare facilities meeting international design standards require stringent acoustic design criteria to be met.  Extensive research has shown that a peaceful environment can help to substantially reduce patient-recovery times and stress associated with hospital stays.

Highly-sensitive medical equipment, operating theatres and consultation rooms also require specialist design considerations to ensure uninterrupted use.




Privacy within open plan and cellular spaces in modern office designs present significant challenges to design teams and contractors.  Achieving appropriate levels of confidentiality and working environment comfort is paramount in modern office space.

Design confidence supports the design and construction stages of commercial premises development from initial design through to commission testing of installed components to ensure that the integrity of the initial design standards are maintained.